Signs You Need Brake Repair

5 Signs Your Car Needs to See a Mechanic

Taking care of your vehicle’s brakes isn’t always on the top of your mind, but knowing the common signs of brake failure will make sure you know when it’s time to take action! Our factory-trained technicians at High Tech Auto Repair have put together a simple list of the 5 signs of brake failure:

Sound: The first sign of brake failure you are likely to encounter is a sound. Maybe a high-pitched squeaking while you brake for a stoplight, or a stuttering noise if you are braking while in a curve on the road. Any sound when you depress the brake pedal, means your brakes aren’t being entirely effective. As your brakes wear down, they smooth as well and the skidding sensation of your brakes trying to gain traction is what creates a sound.

Smell: A very unpleasant sign of brake failure is the smell of overheating or burning brakes. It will smell like burning rubber both inside and outside your vehicle. It may be accompanied by smoke as well. Worn-out brakes take longer to stop your vehicle and they generate more heat while engaged in slowing your tires. The hotter they get, the more damage is done to your brakes during use.

Sensation: If worn brakes are driven on for a time before they are fixed, the symptoms of brake failure will become more drastic. You’ll notice a shuddering sensation if you brake hard. Or maybe you won’t feel much of anything when you press the brake pedal, which could mean low brake fluid pressure. You get a feel of your brakes while you are driving, and if anything changes, you will feel that, too.

Sight: When you’re experiencing any loss of brake control or any of the signs above, getting your eyes on your brakes may help you answer some questions before you even come into the repair shop. Worn brakes will look shiny and smooth in comparison to a rough surface of new brakes. You should also look out for any fluid leaks, as brake fluid pressure is very important to your ability to stop your vehicle.

Brake Light: We had to break with the list of the senses, because we really don’t want you tasting anything about your vehicle. Instead, the fifth indication of brake failure is the trusty Brake Light on your dashboard. Sometimes your vehicle will detect a braking issue before you feel any difference in the drive.

In La Habra, California, you want reliable brakes. At High Tech Auto Repair, our technicians will give you advice on how to get the most out of your brakes, and also help you decide when it’s time to replace them.

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