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The La Habra and greater Los Angeles area are great places to drive — unless your vehicle lacks proper braking ability. Without good brakes, it’s a dangerous place to travel with hills, traffic, and many stoplights. You should never take your vehicle’s brakes for granted. If it’s time for a brake check, preventive maintenance services, or repair, you can count on High Tech Auto Repair. We’re located at 441 E Imperial Highway, Unit B, so stop by to see us or call (714) 879-6331 for an appointment.

Signs That Your Brakes Need Attention

While you should have your vehicle’s brakes inspected and serviced regularly by a knowledgeable mechanic, you should also be able to recognize the potential signs of trouble.


If your car begins making strange noises or if you feel odd sensations when you try to slow the vehicle, you might need brake repair. Squealing, squeaking, or grinding could point toward worn brake pads. Those pads are made of metal, meaning that metal can rub against metal, causing the unpleasant noises you hear.

Spongy Pedal

A master cylinder issue may surface when you see a brake fluid leak or feel a “soft” or spongy pedal. This cylinder is a reservoir for the brake fluid that is forced through the system when you press the pedal. When the master cylinder goes bad, brake fluid can escape. The result is insufficient pressure that compromises your vehicle’s ability to stop. Pay attention to where your brake pedal stops when you press it. If your car has power brakes, it should stop about an inch or inch and a half from the floor. It should stop at least 3 inches from the floor if the vehicle has manual brakes.

Warning Light

An illuminated dashboard brake indicator could signal the need for routine maintenance or point to a more serious problem. A service technician can properly diagnose the source of trouble for you.


Vibrating, wobbling, or scraping during braking may indicate uneven rotors. Sitting just inside the wheel, a rotor is a large metal disc. The brake pad is attached to the caliper and contacts the rotor to slow the auto during braking. Rotors should be evenly thick and smooth. Uneven rotors can reduce pad-to-rotor contact and, therefore, braking ability.


If the car pulls to one side when you’re braking, calipers or brake lines may need replacing. A burning scent may be detected if you have a stuck brake caliper or left your emergency brake engaged when driving.

Your Local Shop for Brake Repair

Make sure to have your vehicle’s braking system professionally inspected periodically. Should you notice any warning signs, don’t risk your safety by ignoring them. Instead, bring your vehicle to High Tech Auto Repair in La Habra, California. We are a local, family-owned shop, yet we offer competitive pricing and back our work with a warranty. See you soon, neighbor!

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